Query Builder Extended

The extended version of the repeater’s query builder provides a UI for filtering down the posts & pages that appear inside the custom query.

See the video for a short demo and the new settings listed underneath

Offset – Number of post to displace or pass over. Useful for when using multiple queries on the page and don’t want to show the same posts.

Ignore Sticky Posts – Will make WordPress will ignore the procedure of setting the sticky posts within your custom query.

Include/Exclude Posts – Either provide individual IDs for posts and pages that you wish to include or exclude or choose ‘Exclude current’ to dynamically exclude the current post that is being viewed.

Include/Exclude post with specific parent – For pages or any hierarchical custom post type, you can limit the displayed posts to be children of another post. You can also only show ‘children posts of current post or page).

Include/Exclude post with specific author – For an easy way to show posts from specific authors when you’re not on an author archive page, you can include the ID of the author you wish to include or exclude. You can also choose to show only posts written by the author of the current post.