Evergreen Countdown

Add countdown timers with a personalised countdown end time for each new visitor that lands on the page.

Note – we also have an ‘Event countdown‘ element if you’re looking for a countdown that is going to countdown to the same date and time for every user (or needs to be recurring)

Reset on Page Load – Choose to reset the timer on each new page visit, or continue to countdown from the users very first visit to the page.

Setting the time – Set the days, hours, minutes and seconds seperately until the countdown ends. Each can be set using custom fields using the dynamic data options.

Labels – Set the singular and plural versions of the labels. The format must be ‘singular,plural’ with a comma to separate them.

Expire Actions

When the countdown gets to zero, there’s a number of options of what happens.. These actions will also happens if the user comes back to the page after the timer has ended (assuming they’ve visited before).

Redirect – Redirect the user to a new URL.

Show text – Replace the counter with some text

Hide Countdown Timer – The countdown timer is simply removed from the page.

Count back up – The countdown timer will go past zero and start counting up