Burger Trigger

This component is for adding animation burger toggle buttons to your site. These can be used as a trigger to open and close Off Canvas’ or modals on your site.

Burger Scale

Scale the burger itself to match the size you require, the size of the button itself will be unaffected.

Burger Line Height

This allows you to change the thickness of the lines that create the burger icon.

Initial State

Choose whether to have the burger already in its active state when the page first loads. This can be useful if being used with an off-canvas element that is also set to be open on page load.

Select Animation

Choose from 14 different burger animations & your required duration for the animation.

Support for Modal

If you’re wishing to use Zion Builder’s built in Modal element with the burger as the click trigger, enabling this setting will ensure the closing of the animation is in sync when the modal is closed.

Note – if you’re using two burger triggers with the off-canvas component, to make sure the animations are in sync there’s a setting inside of the off-canvas.