Event Countdown

The element allows you to add countdown timers that are based on real date and times, with support for timezones, recurring events, all of which can be controlled using dynamic data.

Note – we also have an ‘evergreen countdown‘ element if you’re looking for a countdown that is unique for each visitor, rather than a real date and time that is the same for everybody.


Choose either one fixed end date, or set to recurring where you can choose a start time, how long the timer will countdown for, and then how many days until the counter starts again.

Text to show before countdown starts – starting the countdown timer in the future, you can add text that will show until it’s time for the countdown timer to start.

Labels – Set the singular and plural versions of the labels. The format must be ‘singular,plural’ with a comma to separate them.

Expire Actions

When the countdown gets to zero, there’s a number of options of what happens.. These actions will also happens if the user comes back to the page after the timer has ended (assuming they’ve visited before).

Redirect – Redirect the user to a new URL.

Show text – Replace the counter with some text

Hide Countdown Timer – The countdown timer is simply removed from the page.

Count back up – The countdown timer will go past zero and start counting up