Over the next weeks, we’ll be adding more videos to show the types of workflows when using ZionExtras elements, common use cases & hopefully some insight into how you can adapt and customize the ideas to best fit your own projects.

Note some of the features in the videos are using version 1.1 which will be out later this week.

Details of all the features of ZionExtras elements can already be found in our documentation. These videos will mainly be an ‘over the shoulder’, focused on using elements and features in real-world scenarios and how combinations of different elements can be used together to create interesting things.

Combined with the documentation, these should give you an overall deeper understanding of how the features can be used to cover many different situations and provide some inspiration. We’ll also be covering lots of the features and use cases of the native Zion Builder & Zion Builder Pro elements.

We’ve already started publishing. All videos will be found first on the ZionExtras Youtube channel. We may also open up a videos archive here on the site.

What Are You Trying to Build?

If you have any requests for the types of things you’re trying to build in ZionExtras and want us to go through it, let us know.