We’re excited to be bringing many of our well loved components over from our sister plugin OxyExtras, making them available for Zion Builder users.

The goal for our components is always the same..
to help you build more of your project visually and to speed up your workflow. As always, focusing on accessibility, making sure the component are lightweight and also flexible enough to be used in lots of different way for multiple use cases is top priority.

Familar Settings / Workflow

If you’re familar with some of the OxyExtras components and settings, you’ll be comfortable with ZionExtras straight off the bat. There may be a few differences here and there, but for the most part it’ll seem pretty familiar and simple to use.

Components already available

Lottie animations, preloaders, content switchers, reading progress bars, offcanvas’ are amongst the first components to be shipped. All the details of every feature and settings can be found in the docs.


To stay upto date, check back to this blog where we’ll be sharing news of new features and Zion Builder tutorials.